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Welcome to GSM-Multimedia GmbH

GSM-Multimedia GmbH welcomes you as our primary partner in wholesale and retail for DJ equipment, professional audio technology, and lighting equipment in southern Germany. Our company stands out for its outstanding product variety, surpassing the needs of both retailers and professional users.

Private brands and global distribution

In addition to our private brands such as Zomo, Antoc and PEP, which we proudly present, we continuously expand our portfolio through the distribution of many other leading brands in the wholesale sector. Some of these brands, like DJ-Tech, even enjoy the status of exclusive worldwide distribution by GSM-Multimedia GmbH. Our distribution networks extend far beyond the borders of Germany, ensuring an international presence.

Europe’s market leader in the DJ segment

In the DJ industry, GSM-Multimedia GmbH has established itself as the market leader in Europe, especially in the field of flightcases, bags, and accessories. Our impressively extensive range is always available on a spacious warehouse area of over 4000 square meters, ensuring the highest product availability for our customers.

Leading retail provider

As a recognized top provider in Europe’s retail sector, we are proud to be an authorized dealer of all top brands in the DJ, club, and studio domains. Our online shop is your center for an impressive selection of quality products.

Excellent industry connections and quality

GSM-Multimedia GmbH’s successes have been regularly acknowledged, including receiving the “Pioneer Forward 2009” award as the best German Pioneer Pro DJ Shop. These accolades highlight our close ties to the industry and our continuous pursuit of excellence in the DJ industry.

Contact and feedback

If you are missing a product or brand, we invite you to contact us. Your suggestions and feedback are of great importance to us and can be sent to We look forward to a productive collaboration and active exchange.

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